With emphasis on the concept of mentoring in every kind of service we provide, so we need quite a lot of experts in the field of financial management for non-profit organizations. We are open year-round job for you who want to join, grow, and learn with us and of course, also with beneficiary partners. Only your educational background and work experience (can be one of two) that will be our main consideration.

On the other hand, we realize that the supply and capacity of human resources in nonprofit financial management is very limited. We also open up the opportunity for an internship for you throughout the year, work, and increase your capacity with us. Your commitment and desire to grow will be a strong foundation for our internship agreement. We will provide work space for you in small work units to ensure the learning cycle occurs in every assignment.

Please send your application, CV, and other documents to info@fulcra.asia, which can make us to know you better before we meet face to face and discuss directly.