Development of financial tools is needed, so the organization is able to produce financial information that is more accurate and reliable. Proper use of the tools or software will simplify and reduce the workload of staff bookkeeper and maintain timeliness of financial statement presentation.

Accounting/bookkeeping tools or software should be developed according to the characteristics and needs of the organization’s reporting, easy to learn and use within organizations as well as flexible to the development of the organization.

Results of tools/software development will include:

1. Bookkeeping/Accounting tools or software

2. Guidelines for the use of bookkeeping/accounting tools or software

Non-profit organizations requires financial specific bookkeeping/accounting tools or software because in addition to presenting financial statements in accordance with generally accepted accounting standards in Indonesia (PSAK No. 45), and the organization must also prepare financial reports to donors based on their specifics requirements.

Stages of development of the bookkeeping/accounting tools or software include a. Understanding of Systems and Reporting Requirements, b. Tools or Software Design, c. Simulation and Training, and d. Implementation Assistance.